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12 Jan 2010(no subject)
Smexy Baby
Big Bang Is Your...
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No Wonder DaeDae hates me.. I totally stole MY HUBBY~~~ WOOOO!!!!! (For the sake of those smokey eyes and that fresh face deep voice and beautifully defined features, not to mention amazing jawline.. I will accept DaeDae as my enemy and will challenge him head on to keep my beloved Choi Seung Hyun.. BUT I won't be too sad if I lose because let's face it.. ToDae is LOVE~!)
Smexy Baby

Title: Simple Equation
Rating: G
Pairing: *squint* JaeMin
Summary: He felt it, so surely the others did too.
Author's Note: I promised myself that I wouldn't post a DBSK fic on these recent events because they are so far from happy but then this came out of absolutely nowhere and really made me think and rethink.. and read and re-read.. Warning: Mild angst, Will be confusing and you might wanna read over it to make sure I wasn't on drugs while writing it..

* * *

Read more...Collapse )


Smexy Baby
*mini celebration for me*

arashian is back up~~~~

when the heck was i gonna find out about this?? o.O

doesn't matter!!! I'm SO FREAKIN HAPPY~!!!!!

10 Dec 2009 - -~Meh~- SCHOOL DAZE
Smexy Baby
I make people wait for forever to the point of them forgetting that School Daze was in fact a fic..AND THEN I only post five chapters. xD I'm so horrible that I could punch myself, but because I don't beleive in inflicting pain upon myself (and let's face it.. I have a low pain tolerance anway) I'm just gonna have to settle with bowing my head humbly and offering what little I have done.

I really really really really really am sorry!!!! There's just so much going on in life at the moment to the point that I wonder what a computer looks like. Haha. Anyway.. First five chapters to School Daze is up. To repeat offenders, hope it's at least somewhat mildly better if not the same.. I just hope it's not worse. o.O and to NEW readers~~~ Welcome to the insanity that is!!! I will try super hard to finish up with my editing so that I can post a number of chapters at a time. Happy Reading all!



Title: School Daze

Rating: PG-13ish.. (language use)

Pairing: Multiple Beyond Multiple

Overall Story Summary: For years SM and YG Academies have had a rivalry that never failed to hold strong. The students meeting one another would often end in violent exchanges. Things seem to be taking a dramatic turn as SM's new student, Kim Jaejoong, sets foot on campus. Not only does Jung Yunho take immediate notice of his new roommate's arrival as well as his appearance, but so does his pretty boy rival, Choi Dong Wook. Things can only escalate from here, whether it be for better or for worse.

Chapter One

"Jung Yunho," he greeted casually, a sensual smirk on those full lips that held the promise of sweet sin.

Chapter Two

It was then that Changmin made his way over to Jaejoong, an apologetic smile on his young face. "I'm sorry about that whole scene. Not exactly the traditional SM welcome."

Chapter Three

But that fresh air would have to wait as he noticed out of the corner of his eye a standing figure, also in the grassy area, but in a very different uniform from his own. That smile was wiped completely from his face and, if possible, he blanched, recognizing the uniform to be of a YG student.

Chapter Four

"All I can really say," he continued on slowly, "after everything that has happened, there is certainly more friction between them still." Changmin leaned back in his seat, suddenly looking the part of an old man who had certainly seen hard times, “I can only wonder how it will all turn out.”

Chapter Five

So this was the Kim Jaejoong who had been adopted so quickly into Yunho's circle of friends. She had seen him at a glance one or two times, but never so close. He was, and Boa wasn't one to hand out compliments easily, beautiful to say the very least.

Smexy Baby
Title: The Roads We Choose..
Rating: PG-16 for language
Pairing: Multiple
Summary: "Where there's Ji Yong, there's usually Tae Kwon, and if we're gonna find out anything about him and this case, then we need to make sure we get a hold of Kwon Ji Yong."

Smexy Baby
Pairing: ToDae
Author's Note: Ok.. It's been quite a while since a drabble. And ToDae it's what always starts it all because they are just freakin awesome and I feel like they haven't had any love lately, so it's up to me (anda select) fe to give them some. As always with my drabbles.. If you like, good. If yo don't, good. Hehe.


Nothin but love everybody~!

Such a joy kill..Collapse )
Smexy Baby
Title: Young Bae vs. Tae Yang
Rating: PG-13

Pairing: GDYB
Summary: Why love Tae Yang when Young Bae was so much better?

Author's Note: Uh.. Yeah.. So the rebirth of YB vs TY in honor of YB's solo activities! YaY! To those of you who read this, whether it be for the first time or you're a repeat offender (heh..) I do hope that you enjoy it and that I didn't mess up anyone's image (Tae Yang *cough*) with this piece. ^__^ [livejournal hates me.. T__T]

Completed Ten Rounds
Smexy Baby
Title: The Roads We Choose
Rating: PG-16 for language
Pairing: Multiple
Summary: Failure was not an option.

18 Oct 2009(no subject)
Smexy Baby
I swear.. I'm gonna scream and call the quits on this stupid re-edit project.. livejournal sucks..

*mumble mumble growl growl*
Smexy Baby
Aigoo.. Just shoot me.. Why didn't anyone tell me that editing is so not.. fun..?

It's HARD! I hate when things are hard..

*falls over*

Just leave me hear to die.. and leave me to the vultures..


Lesson of the day:

Editing is needed if.. You know.. if you need it..

And I do..

But I don't wanna do it..

*dramatic sigh*

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