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Clean Clean Clean~  
11 Apr 2012
Smexy Baby
Still cleaning! This one is definitely up for adoption~ It was fun to start it, but meeeeeh.. Someone who loves Shinee more could definitely do it more justice. :3 

"Taeminnie," Kibum yawned as he pulled a blanket tightly across his shoulders, "you shouldn't be up this late." Though the band umma was three quarters sleeping and one quarter freezing, he was quite sure that he hadn't misread the clock when it read half past two in the morning. "I won't have you getting sick when we're getting so close to having an actual vacation."

The group's maknae smiled and nodded at the elder's concern. "I'll be to bed soon, hyung, promise," his soft voice carried, though just barely, through the dark living room. "Go ahead and go first, I'll be along soon."

Kibum hesitated, knowing that something was on Taemin's mind, and he certainly wanted to know, but at the same time, he was so damn tired! He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, glancing between the fresh faced singer and the group's bedroom.

"Go, hyung," Taemin encouraged with a small smile, though the older singer couldn't possibly see it through the darkness. "I'll follow behind."

"There's something bothering you, Tae," he stifled a yawn as he spoke while at the same time, fought the urge to yawn, "otherwise you wouldn't still be up." He paused, waking up a bit more in the event that the youngest would open his heart to him. "Did you want to talk about it? About what's bothering you?"

His question was greeted with a tense silence, in which Kibum found himself frowning dejectedly, though he wasn't altogether surprised that the little cutie was in fact not going to confide in him. "Ah, okay okay," he nodded, forcing his tired voice to lift slightly, letting the other know that it wasn't a problem; that should he ever have the need to talk, umma was there with open arms. "I'll go ahead and go first. Take your time, Taeminnie, but not too much time."

With that, umma was gone and Taemin was once again left in a dark solitude. The young dancer of the popular group sighed and leaned back on the living room couch, his eyes focused on the blank television screen as if he were waiting for his troubles to simply pop up on them so he could watch them and figure out how to fix everything. Of course it didn't happen, but it certainly would have been nice.

Fortunately enough, the youngster had his phone on him because only a couple minutes after Kibum's departure, his phone rang shrilly, blasting 'Ring Ding Dong' an indicator that he had recieved a text message and if not immediately silenced, he would have several tired and grumpy hyungs to answer to. Scrambling as if his life depended on it, Taemin quickly withdrew his mobile phone from his pocket and first silenced the wretched little device before opening the message.

Key-hyung came back into the room. Why didn't you return with him?

Minho's message was short and to the point, much like any other conversation Taemin had ever had with deep voiced rapper. Had it not been for the fact that it was so early in the morning and there was so much on his mind, Taemin would have tried to think of some whitty reply that would cause his young hyung to laugh out and wake up the rest of the room, resulting in the poor boy being tortured for the remainder of their professional careers.

But it was two in the morning, and Taemin was troubled, so much so that over the past few days that both his appetite and sleep cycle had taken quite the hit.

I'm just not ready to go to bed yet, hyung. I wanted to be alone for a little while.

Taemin's thumb hovered over the 'send' button, wondering if his message would cause the boy to worry, but then again, Minho was quite different from the rest of the group. He wasn't hardwired to worry at every little thing like the rest of them did, and when he did worry, he didn't show it so not to worry others himself.

With a small sigh, he carefully began to delete the second sentence, and just as he was about to send his new message, a hand rested on his shoulder, causing the young idol to jump at the unexpected touch. His phone dropped from his hand which promptly clamped to his racing heart. "Ya!" He whispered fiercely, "Don't do that. You trying to scare me to death?"

Minho smiled at the irritated sound of the younger's voice and found a seat next to him. "You took too long to respond," he began in that gentle but deep voice, "so I thought I would come and make sure you were really alright." Taemin's lips parted to deliver his answer, but he was quickly silenced when a finger gently rested against his lips, "And don't feed me crap about you not wanting to go to bed yet. What's really wrong?"

Pulling from his friend's touch, Taemin glanced down at his fallen phone and quickly scooped up the device. He didn't exactly know how to put into words what he was feeling, he wasn't sure any of the others would understand. But somehow, he found himself beginning to speak without the permission of his mind. "I feel," he began, hardly registering the fact that he was beginning to speak, and to Minho of all people, "Hyung--" The youngster stopped himself from speaking any further and quickly clamped his mouth shut, refusing to let his lips run away with him again. He tilted his head to one side, focusing intently down at the small mobile device still in his hands.

"Is it about our schedules? Do you feel overworked?" The older boy gently prodded, but there was an audible frown in his voice when the maknae shook his head. "Then what is it, Tae? Do you want to talk to Jinki-hyung about it or something?"

Taemin sighed at the thought of their lovable, yet totally cluesless, leader. Again, he silently shook his head. Jinki would only flash his bright smile and assure the maknae that everything would be alright without properly hearing him out. He would simply want Taemin's worries to diminish, not that he wouldn't want to solve them, but would he really know how to deal with them?  Besides, it was the very member at his side that was the biggest grief in his young life.

"Taemin?" Minho's voice was lightly laced with concern, and his brows were no doubt carefully knitt together as his worry for the younger performer slowly began to increase. Their innocent faced maknae had slowly become a shadow of his smiling bubbly self, and it caused Minho to worry for his good friend. "What's the matter?"

The matter was quite simple, really. Shim Changmin. The maknae of their sunbae group seemed absolutely captivated by their charasmatic rapper, Minho, and with Minho's loving nature, he had immediately responded to the older entertainer. Their chemistry was absolute, their compatibility untouchable and it put the bitter taste of jealousy in Taemin's mouth, a taste the young star didn't very well care for.

"We should go to bed," Taemin avoided the question, standing to his full height and stretching while feining a yawn. "I'll head in first, hyung." It bothered him to no end to be so close to Minho when he knew the older boy's attention was elsewhere. "Goodnight." He didn't even wait to hear the older boy's words toward him, he quickly retired to the bedroom they shared. He wouldn't have a complete escape, but at least, with the surrounding members snoring lightly, Minho wouldn't try to seek out a conversation with him and pry for answers.

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