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Cleaning Out My Computer. 
11 Apr 2012
Smexy Baby
No title, no rating, quite possibly not going to write anymore on this for a few weeks. As you all know I've been on again off again as I work on getting everything in my life in order. (School, projects, work, preparing for more work, home issues.) But, if this fic haunts me in my dreams, I'll most definitely continue, because it most definitely has promise. 

OR if someone wants to adopt the idea, just contact me. ^____^ 

"Dammit!" Heechul yelled angrily using his full strength to send a picture hurdling across his expensive penthouse apartment. As expected, the glass over the picture shattered into endless pieces, seeming to take up the form of the tattered tears the man refused to shed. But the breaking glass had done nothing to settle Heechul's red hot anger and bitter distress. His shoulders shook furiously and he didn't need to look in a mirror to tell what a mess he was. He had to get out of this place. From the walls to the carpeting, it all reminded him of Siwon.

Life. Siwon was sentenced to life in prison for a crime that he hadn't committed and Heechul was powerless to defend him. The fucking justice system.. They weren't for the people at all, only for what satisfied the man with the fattest checkbook. It was ridiculous and unfair. Heechul stood to his full height before letting out an anguished cry, only to sink back down to the fine flooring. He couldn't be left here on his own and he hadn't been able to pay any lawyers enough to properly represent his lover of seven years. He was failing all around it seemed. 

"Heechul you have to pull yourself together," Ryewook's voice sounded from the front door. The younger male carefully stepped into the penthouse, being careful of the shattered glass and broken frame no doubt, and eventually made his way over to the equally broken Heechul. He crouched low and took the older in his arms. "Please, hyung.. Siwon wouldn't want to see you like this."

Ryewook had been a dear and loyal friend to the couple for years, offering any sort of aid when and where he could, but in this particular situation, he hadn't been able to. And even if he'd been willing to throw himself under the bus for the sake of proving his friend's innocence, Siwon had requested that he didn't. It broke his heart to see his holy friend in handcuffs and to see Heechul crumpled on the floor of the apartment. It his heart so much.

At the mention of Siwon, Heechul shoved Ryewook back and glowered angrily at him. "And Siwon wouldn't want to stare at the inner walls of a fucking prison all his life either!" His voice was choked, filled with more emotion than he had ever allowed himself to show in the past. It was evidence enough of how deeply everything had effected him.

Ryewook was fortunately able to catch himself before falling to the marble flooring, but he was unfortunate in that his hand landed on a large piece of glass which bit easily into his fragile flesh. Warm red blood slowly oozed from the fresh wound and around the embedded glass which buried itself deep into his hand. The fair faced man winced audibly and quickly snatched up his hand and cradling it close to his chest, catching Heechul's attention.

"Shit," the older began, the tears threatening to spill at this point. He'd even failed at being a friend. "Ryewook, I'm sorry.. Let me clean it up for you." 

"Hyung," Ryewook began, trying not to let the pain of the cut affect his tone. It was difficult though as he had a very low tolerance for pain. He had been the sort to grow up living carefully and with great health so as to avoid going to doctors and hospitals unnecessarily. "I'm more worried about you right now. Siwon knew what he was getting himself into when he chose not to speak. He had to protect you. Don't let his sacrifice go to waste. Please." 

"Don't... Just.." Heechul combed his fingers through his hair and stood, gripping Ryewook by his good arm and dragging him across the apartment. "Let me clean you up alright?" 

Ryewook nodded his head silently, allowing the older to guide him into the restroom.

* * *

It was three weeks later that Heechul found himself stalking along the outer fencing of Seodaemun, the prison on the outskirts Seoul, the place that held his Siwon captive. Driven to the point of almost obsession, Heechul had finally brought himself to the place. Through the misty cloud of smoke from his cigarette, Heechul could see the barbed wire backed up by electric fencing. The walls were tall and made of the sleekest possible stone, but also very strong. It was a fortress, a strong hold. Meant to keep inmates in and keep Heechul out. 

He could do it though. He could break the strength and security that was Seodaemun and take Siwon back. Their lives would never be normal again, but at least they wouldn't be separated in this way. "I'm gonna get you out of there, Siwon," Heechul mumbled to himself, puffing madly at his cigarette once again before taking his leave for the time being. He would have to pay several visits in order to come up with the best possible escape plan for Siwon, he would also have to figure out a way to bust in. 

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