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May or May Not Become a Fic 
17 Sep 2011
Smexy Baby
I haven't written funny cute in a long time.. So... Maybe I'll make this into a fic? 8D 

But for now, I have a party to go to and 3-D homework to do~ We'll see what happens!

There was only one thing to do in this situation where I find myself staring at a half naked Bom because I was the idiot that didn't think to knock on their dressing room door before I just walked right on in. The poor girl was staring at me with with wide doe eyes, lips slightly parted and, fuck my life, I just couldn't tear my gaze away fast enough for her liking. 

The scream that came through those bubblegum pink lips was enough to make anyone cringe, and I swear, somewhere in the distance, a glass shop went out of business as every piece of merchandise shattered because of the high frequency of Bom's scream. Quite frankly, I'm surprised the mirror survived, though I'm sure that it did crack a little. 

But the scream was nothing in comparison to what happened next. 2NE1's lead vocalist walked right up to me, lifted her hand and slapped me straight across the face. I would be lying if I'd said that the force of the blow hadn't stung, but for the sake of my manly pride, it didn't hurt at all. The hand mark was barely even visible because of how red my face was once I'd realized that I'd seen her breasts. 

It wasn't as if I hadn't seen breasts before. I'm an idol and a member of Big Bang on top of it. I had certainly seen plenty of breasts throughout the duration of my music career. 

Just never Bom's. 

"GET OUT!" She shrieked, shoving me almost violently out of the door. 

I can only assume that my legs cooperated with her as I later heard the forceful slam of 2NE1's dressing room door and was staring dumbly at the blank concrete wall of the performance hall's backstage area. 

Yes, there really was only one thing to do in this situation. 

Blame Gong Minji for everything wrong in this world.

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