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[TXT Fic] Untitled for the moment. 
07 Jul 2011
Smexy Baby
Title: ...None yet..
Rating: ...none.. yet..?
Pairing: None yet.
Summary: A village falls..
Author's Note: So.. What's so special about this fic? I wrote everything on my cell phone on my way to work and on my way back from work. NO I was not driving, I do try to practice safe driving habits, thank you very much.. And uh... Yeah.. No plot.. definitely no plot, but.. maybe something will come of it....? Yeah, I really.. don't know.

Run. It was the only bit of advice he'd been able to receive before their village was attacked. Run. But such an act was considerably difficult, he was a trained warrior, gifted in the art to kill, fearless in the face of death. Run. He had wanted to stay and defend the elders of his village, they were theheart of their people, the keepers of time and tradition. He couldn't let these strange monters destroy that in a single night. Run. Run to the keeperscove a day's journey away from the village, tucked away in formidable hilltops. Run to the cove where their children had been sent for safe keeping. Runand protect the future of the vilage. Protect the new legacy.

No, a nasty voice inside of him snarled angrily, a warrior's pride strong in the young man. He was no longer a child, he should not be kept away from battle. His people needed him, he could win. Run and protect the children was his instruction though, and protect the children this warrior would, however begrudgingly.

"Open the gate!!" One of the guards called as he saw the staggering figure of a familiar man. A superb warrior and a true friend. He could tell by the exhausted sway in the other's step and the fact that he was completely alone.. Their village had fallen. The guard moved swiftly to the open gates, wrapping his arms about the fighterr's waist in attempts to steady him. "What news?" Though he already had a very grim idea.

"The elders sent me away, Dongwook," the warrior breathed after a moment, before lowering his gaze and turning his head away. "But.. I heard the cold song of chains and smelled burning flesh.."

"Enslaving our people and killing off those not strong enough to es cape," the one called Dongwook growled angrily. His expression grew furious and his hold tightened about the other male. "Were you the only to escape, Yunho? What about the others?"

Yunho, as he had been called, broke weakly away from the other's grasp. "I shall return.. Salvage who I can."

"You're mad!" The other argued without fail. "The elders sent you away! Sacarficed themselves for your safe escape. Do not let their deaths be in vain!"

"Do not be sure they are dead," Yunho growled dangerously. "I will return in the night, so as not to be easily followed."

"And what of the children here?"

* * *
"Give him whatever he may require," Dongwook ordered, though against his better judgement. Yunho was too headstrong for his own good, filled with a true warrior's pride, but it would be that same pride that would become the death of him. Fine lines of stress appeared at the corners of Dongwook's eyes, it was no secret that the captain of the guard was finally feeling the strain of this war. When the guard he spoke to gave him a questioning look, Dongwook shook his head and lifted a hand to silence him, even though he had yet to speak. "We must hold on to the hope that the other's are alive and uncaptured. If Yunho has confidence that he can find them, we must lend our support." Accepting his captain's explanation, the guard bowed before turning about to ready whatever supplies Yunho would need.


"He won't talk sir. Even under the threat of torture.. Nothing.."

"It's just a matter of having the proper leverge. These people are strong-willed by nature and quite stubborn. Though we overtook their village in a single day, I suppose it was a bit presumptuous to assume I could also break their will in the same time." The man that spoke had an odd melodious calm to his voice, his clothing of fine silk matching his smooth and silky voice. His eyes, colorful and bright, focused on the man before him and smiled easily. "Do not worry. One of their warriors is already in our grasp, the other predictable in his childish emotions.. The other three will be located in time, and that is something we have in spades." He tilted his head a bit and offered a disarming smile. "Dismissed."

The first of the two speakers bowed low and respectfully to the finely dressed man. "Yes, Lord Gackt. Shall we leave the prisoners be for the night?"

Lord Gackt's smile widened a bit, taking on a now eerie undertone, but the man was just as stunning as ever. He thought of the young warrior he'd managed to capture. The boy fresh from his spiritual training required of the village's finest protectors; that boy who had ceratinly peeked his curiosity. "Do what you will with the other's, but bring that boy to me."    
09 Jul 2011 (UTC) - First!!!
This is interesting...hmm....I'm excited to see how this turns out!!!
10 Jul 2011 (UTC) - Re: First!!!
I'm excited to see how it turns out as well. Haha.

Love~! and thank you! <3
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